Colored Diamond Engagement Rings

The most common diamonds that are used in engagement rings are the colorless types. Diamonds that belong to this category are the white or the colorless diamonds that are graded […]

The most common diamonds that are used in engagement rings are the colorless types. Diamonds that belong to this category are the white or the colorless diamonds that are graded on a scale of D to Z. The more colorless diamonds are rated more valuable than those that are yellowish or brownish. Most people choose a colorless diamond for their engagement ring because these stones produce the most brilliance and sparkle when properly set on a metal ring that will further enhance their colors. White or colorless diamonds will sparkle more if set on white platinum or white gold. live streaming movie Beauty and the Beast 2017 online

Diamond colors, meaning and recommended settings. However, a new trend is now arising when it comes to engagement rings. The use of colored diamonds are now becoming more and more popular since Ben Affleck gave Jennifer Lopez a pink diamond for an engagement ring. So if you are looking for an engagement ring that will be unique and will stand out, why not consider using fancy diamonds?

Fancy diamonds are the colored loose diamonds. They come in intense colors and are much more expensive than their colorless counterparts. Rare colored diamonds, as the name implies, are hard to find stones such as pink, purple and brown. Some common colors of diamonds are yellow, blue and orange.

Like roses, where each color has a different meaning; colored diamonds are also considered to convey different emotions. Yellow or canary shade diamonds expresses joy, happiness as well as wisdom. Choosing a metal for an intensely yellow stone differs on the desired effect. A yellow gold ring will further enhance the intensity of the yellow color and will make the stone and the ring appear as a whole. On the other hand, setting yellow diamonds on white platinum, white gold or blackened silver will draw attention to the stone because of the contrast.

Pink diamonds represent love, joy, beauty and romance. A pink stone also symbolizes femininity and delicacy. The best metal to use in setting pink stones is pink gold.

Some associate black as a symbol of illness and death but in diamonds, black represents sophistication. Black stones can be set on white platinum for contrast and can also be set alongside small colorless diamonds.

Diamonds that have intense blue colors represent peace, spirituality, youth and loyalty. Green diamonds represent wealth and also jealousy. Red diamonds show confidence and power and also romance. Purple diamonds, because of its extreme rarity, means luxury, opulence, and royalty.

Colored diamonds are not as brilliant as their colorless counterparts. Because of this, the round brilliant cut is not recommended for colored stones. Most colored loose diamonds are used for princess cut engagement rings or the emerald cut engagement rings. Because of they do not sparkle as much, most people prefer to have their colored diamonds set in white or pale metal rings so that the contrast will make their stones stand out more.

The color of the diamonds comes from the crystallization process. The different colors of diamonds come from the different materials that surround them while crystallization is taking place. Yellow diamonds are formed when high amounts of nitrogen are absorbed within the lattice of the diamond during crystallization. Blue diamonds are formed when boron, instead of nitrogen, is absorbed.

Some of the colors of diamonds did not come from the absorption of other elements. Red diamonds are formed when the carbon chains that make up the stone becomes twisted during the crystallization process. Green and pink diamonds are also formed this way.

Colored diamonds are valued differently. The price value of these colored stones depends on the intensity and the rareness of the color. Naturally occurring colored diamonds are very rare to find. They are so rare that most jewelers may not even have the chance to sell one in their stores. Most colored diamonds are more expensive than their colorless counterparts. A small purple diamond, because of its extreme rareness, might value significantly higher than a colorless stone with a high carat weight.

So if you want your diamond engagement ring to be unique, you should choose a colored diamond for it.

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