We should Pay Attention to the Selection and Maintenance of Jewelry

    When you are choosing accessories, you not only select the models that are suited to your body’s style, but also pay attention to select it, as it is, you […]

    When you are choosing accessories, you not only select the models that are suited to your body’s style, but also pay attention to select it, as it is, you are able to buy genuine and cherished jewelry. For example, check whether the jewelry is complete or not, there is discernible defect or not in appearance, there is scratch or qualitative change or not, the connection of the site of the chain is strong or not and the activities are flexible or not. If you bought a product in earrings or brooches, you should pay attention to make sure that the site of contact pin is solid, the most important thing is that we must try it in person, whether the feeling of wearing is comfortable or not and the design is appropriate or not, if the workmanship was fine and the jewelry could let you become beautiful and feel comfortable, it deserves to invest to be your beautiful companion.

    In daily life, the treatment of the necklace, earrings and other jewelry is general, in fact, these ornaments are easily damaged and we should pay attention to love, it is not better to take a bath, wash face or get close to the detergent, because the humid air is also very easy to make them contaminated with dirt, especially the jewelry of complex design and the dirt is easier to be deposited in the gap corners.

    Perfume is the people’s favorite love, someone called perfume that does harm to the decorations potentially as the woman’s second skin. Therefore, we should observe the principle that we should spray the perfume and then adorn the jewelry in order to avoid volatile chemicals left on the jewelry and forming a qualitative change as time passes. Hair gel and other styling products can also cause similar damage for the accessories. From time to time, we should clean the fashion jewelry and it could be soaked in neutral and lukewarm soapy water, brush it lightly with a soft bristle toothbrush try to remove the fat that is attached to the above, then wash with water and dry it with hair dryer.

    The design of brand-name goods tend to very delicate and beautiful, but use them every day and do not pay attention to the maintenance, then the famous and precious material is able to withstand the damage of man, the jewelry would lost originally blinding light. Therefore, the more famous and precious jewelry, the more care to give to. For example, even the gold production that is made of gold is pure gold, in certain circumstances, the surface would change. Crystal products hardly require maintenance, only not to drop them down, there are few significant problems. If it were contaminated by oil, you could soak the diluent alcohol to wipe them with cotton cloth, but also wipe it with mild detergent dry it with a dry cloth.

    From above, we could include that we should make good efforts to maintain the jewelry and let it in good stage for a long time.

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