Wholesale Beads for Easy-to-make Earrings

Jewelry assembled out of beads will grab everyone’s attention whether you are wearing it in casual circumstances or whether you choose to display it on special events. But what really […]

Jewelry assembled out of beads will grab everyone’s attention whether you are wearing it in casual circumstances or whether you choose to display it on special events. But what really gets you thinking about beadwork is that you can take advantage of the available offers of wholesale beads anytime by ordering online and turning jewelry making into an occasion of running your own small business: a business that functions due to the attraction people have towards beautiful or peculiar beads and ornaments. Your business can not fail as long as you provide your customers with innovative or eye-catching ideas for jewelry making which can, in turn, make them feel beautiful or special.

For instance, look at a fast and cost-effective manner of making earrings you can then sell. Of course, your advantage over the competition will consist in a smart option: the idea to buy wholesale beads from an online shop with good prices: gemmall.com. These wholesale beads are less expensive and you can acquire as many as possible, in the same affordable limits, in order to craft a sufficient number of pairs of earrings to guarantee a profit to your investment.

The “attraction through attraction” principle we are talking about functions on the following commonsensical premise: if your jewelry making efforts result in beadwork attractive enough so as to suggest potential customers that by wearing your ornaments their entire appearance will appropriate the same degree of attractiveness, then you are on the right road to a successful business.

Going back to the cost-effective and easy-to-make pairs of earrings your business will promote, you should first take a look at the kind of materials you could use out of an incredibly diverse offer of wholesale beads. Depending on how much money you are willing to invest, you could use simple glass or plastic beads, for the cheaper versions of earrings, and precious metal, gemstones or pearl beads for the more expensive products.

Of course, jewelry making is not entirely based on wholesale beads. Even if beads are the elements that give the final, decorative touch to the resulting beadwork, there are other components that practically offer support for the beads. As a result, for our earrings, apart from the beads of your choice, you will also need ear wires, head pins, a wire twisting tool and a wire cutting tool. Make sure that the ear wires and the head pins are made from a reliable material, such as sterling silver. Don’t be cheap with such parts of the earrings: they will not be quality products if the material breaks only because you were too mean to invest a bit more in more reliable materials.

You also need to be careful with pushing the beads onto the head pin. You will place onto the head pin as many beads you consider necessary for the final length of the earrings. When you are done with the beads, you will use the wire cutting tool in order to cut whatever length of wire is in excess. Be careful: the same as it happens with any other kind of jewelry making, earring crafting requires delicate actions. Make sure that there is some wire left: this part will have to be curled into a small circle with the wire twisting tool.

Next, with the same wire twisting tool, you will open the end of the ear wire and through it you will introduce the small circle you have curled out of the remaining part of the head pin. Finally, you need to see that you fastened the opening of the ear wire around the head pin.

With so many curls and twists, you can now understand why the ear wires and the head pins need to be made out of more resistant materials: weaker ones can easily break, maybe even before you get to actually see how such a pair of earrings looks like. If quality materials are used, no matter the material of the beads employed, the resulting earrings will also meet high quality standards, fit for complying with customer expectations.

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